Inquiry:   In 2010 I received a ticket for driving without insurance. I had just bought the car off of my brother, who told me it was insured until the end of the month. My sticker was a little overdue, got pulled over on the 407…cop checked insurance, turned out it WASNT paid until the end of the month, so he fined me. Insured the car immediately thereafter. Went to court – got fine reduced to $3000.00 with a year to pay…couldn’t pay due to financial hardship. Applied for an extension, received it…I still have not been able to pay. My license has been suspended since May. They told me I had to put money down on it. I am wondering how much I have to put to be allowed another extension. I would like to work out a payment plan where they take it per month directly from my account. Can I do this? I live in the country and have been riding my bike to meet up with a co-worker who I then go into work with. The weather is getting colder – I need to work to support my family but i need to GET to work too. I HAVE to get my car back on the road. What is my best option at this point?

Response:  Unfortunately we are unable to advise you in regards to the discussions held between yourself and the court in regards to fines owing.