Inquiry:  In 1999 I was pulled over for an expired sticker. I paid the fine but because it has been 15 years I cannot prove I did. However, I did receive one other fine after that date and paid it. No mention of an outstanding fine was made. On Aug.11, 2014 I received a Suspension Letter dated and sent out on July 31,2014 stating that my licence has been suspended effective July 31, 2014. My question is as follows: Is it not entrapment that the MTO dates and mails a suspension letter for the same day? There was no way I could have been aware that I was breaking any laws and risking future fines and possible jail. Fortunately I was not caught but that is not the point. I don’t find it fair that a government agency can set up citizens for more charges.

Response:  Any defence against a charge of DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION would certainly want to examine whether the Defendant was reasonably aware that their licence might be suspended and whether they had undertaken their due diligence in attending to the grounds for their licence suspension.  Without knowing more specific details about this particular instance, we can not provide any feedback and are unable to assist as you have not been charge with an offence.