Inquiry:  My daughter recently got a speeding ticket and 3 demerit points. “When we planned to schedule a court appearing they told us not to bother as the best they would do is give her a payment plan for the fine. That wasn’t the concern. She is cautious but was on her way home from rowing one morning on the back roads and let the speed get away from her. She is a very responsible driver and spends much more time on the road than most young adults in her age category as she is on a competitive rowing team at university and during the summer. Is there anything that can be done now that we have paid the ticket?

Response:  Without having more specific information of knowledge of exactly what happened, I can’t provide any options or feedback based on your inquiry.  We will need to know whether she is currently convicted, whether there is a court date set, how you were attempting to file the matter with the court, etc.  A common problem we see with people contacting our office are people that have attempted to resolve their own legal matters before the court and due to a lack of knowledge and experience with the legal system end up irrevocably damaging their case or becoming convicted.  If you would like to discuss your daughter’s matter in more detail, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 and can determine where she is in her case and what options remain.  It is rare that are court staff are unable to have a standard speeding offence either reduced to a lesser offence or thrown out entirely at court.