Inquiry:  I recieved a ticket last year for not wearing and now have a court date.  I always wear a seat belt and I harp at all my friends and family to do so so, usually I am so diligent about this.

However on that particular day, I was coming out of a strip mall and noticed some guy in the middle of the street in the median with a huge sign stating “Vancouver police did this to me”. He had a black eye and bruises. he was yelling at cars going by and this totally caught my attention and got into car, clearly not putting on seat belt and turned into traffic. I actually rolled down my window and stuck up for the VPD stating that I dont believe him but if it was true, what was he doing that the police had to be called for anyway and really what are the bruises for?

I was so annoyed that I neglected my own safety. As I turned the corner, a motor bike cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket. When I told him I was so distraacted by the fellow and that perhaps he should be removing him from the streets… he blatantly ignored my comments. Honestly I guess I drive a car and look like I can afford to pay whereas the guy distrupting traffic and potentially cause an accident, who seemingly doesn’t look like he can pay anything, gets to walk away. I am really tired of being so honest and loyal and always doing the right thing that just one time, I can’t get a break but, another person annoying and bullying divers can. Is this really fair?

Response:  Unfortunately you are outside of our area of service and will need to contact a local legal service provider.