Inquiry:  Owner operate MV on hwy no insurance, use plate not authorized for vehicle, fail to have insurance card, drive motor vehicle no insurance, drive motor vehicle no validation on plate. These are the tickets I was given. I am listed as a driver on a different policy. The plates were from a vehicle and I was moving it right up the street as I was afraid it would get towed from my lot. The officer advised me to get my disclosure and take it to trial and that he would be there. He said he would try his best to help me consolidate the matter.

Response:  Given the severity of penalties involved in the various charges issued against you, trial may or may not be the best route to go.  The total-payable minimum fine for driving without insurance is $6,250.00 and can go much higher.  You may wish to retain legal representation in your matter to guard your interests and understand the charges and penalties that have been issued against you.