Inquiry:  I was pulled over today and found out my license was suspended back in April.The Police woman informed me it was because of an unpaid fine.Last December I was driving my friends SUV and was pulled over for an expired sticker,that’s the only reason I would have anything “unpaid”.I am a food delivery driver and now my livelihood is at stake not having a license.I was given a court date in September but cannot even begin to wait that long,I have a daughter I need to feed.What are my options?Please I need help asap….thanks.

Response:  Please call our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 to have one of our staff assist you with your case.  Drive Under Suspension charges carry very serious penalties including a total-payable fine ranging from $1,250.00 to $6,250.00, a mandatory 6 month licence suspension, and up to 6 month jail.