Inquiry:  Last October my car started to pull really bad to the right one night I heard a bang and my cars steering knuckle had cracked in half and my tire and Car had a mind of its own it pulled me to the right and there was no correcting it it pulled me up onto a meridian I was going about 60kms. I tried to brake but it was too late my car kind of launched sideways and hit the bridge pillar and landed on the passenger side and rolled to onto the roof. Luckily no one was hurt and it was 11 o clock and no other traffic was around. I was not impaired in any way but in the hospital the cops gave me a driving with under care ticket which totaled 380$, they cancelled my insurance cause my car was wrecked then 5 months later i was stopped by the cops and they took my license and told me I have a 3 month driving suspension. So now i owe for 10 months of insurance which is about 1200$ and this ticket to get my license back. I’m moving to out of province next week and I was wondering if there’s anything I could do about the original ticket as in appealing it? And its been 3 months since they took my license so is my suspension over? do i have to completely pay off the fine for my suspension to be considered over?

Response:  Unfortunately, you are outside of our area of service.  You will need to contact a local legal representative to get assistance with your matter.