Inquiry:  I got a speeding ticket in Sudbury ON. I am now living outside Ontario and will be getting a license in the next couple of days. I still currently have 8 more days to pay the ticket, but when the officer gave it to me, he said “look into that because I don’t think you have to pay it with a new license”. I was going 30 over and he reduced it to a 100km in an 80km zone. My question: Is he correct or do I have to pay this so it doesn’t haunt me later on in life?

Response:  Generally, if a fine owed to the court is not paid, the licence would be suspended for non-payment of fine.   Unfortunately, MTO licencing policy is outside of our scope of practice.  You would likely be best advised to exhaustively clarify this issue with both the Ontario and your local licencing agencies given the serious consequences that would occur should you be stopped by police for driving on a suspended licence.