Inquiry:  Ok, so I got a U-Turn ticket and expired insurance ticket back in January.  It is now April 19th and I haven’t paid for it yet. What’s the rules to unpaid tickets? How much demerit points will I get?

Response:  Generally, either 15 or 45 days from the offence date the court will convict you for having not responded to the ticket and set a period of time to pay the fines.  You will likely have already received a Notice Of Fine And Due Date from the court regarding this.  If you have not paid the fine by the payment deadline, your licence will be suspended for the non-payment of which you may have already received your notice of suspension from the MTO.  If you are stopped by the police and charged with DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION, you will face penalties up to a total payable fine of $6,250.00, up to 6 months jail, and a mandatory further 6 month suspension of licence.  Without knowing the HTA section numbers that you have been charged with, we are unable to provide you with the demerit point penalties for your charges.