Inquiry:   Im 29 got my G1 when I was 16. It expired and years after that i got pulled over in London, Ontario for Driving Without A Licence And Missing Headlight in my friends car. It’s been over 5 years and I have not paid a dime on them. Can I still go in and get my G1 or do I have to pay my fines first??  Someone told me that the fines “just go away” after so many years.

Response:   Unfortunately, fines simply do not go away if you ignore them and will generally accrue interest the longer they remain unpaid.  It is likely that you currently have a suspended licence due to the unpaid fines.  Driving on a suspended licence is a very serious offence with severe penalties issued by the court upon conviction.  You can verify the status of your licence with the MTO and can verify the current amount owing by speaking to a court clerk at the London courthouse.