Inquiry:  I recently received a Red Light Fail to Stop – Camera Offence Notice in Hamilton for 17 March, 2014. Over time around that date, the area was experiencing inclimate winter weather and the roads were still wet/icy, as can be seen in the photos on the offence notice. I didn’t feel that I would be able to safely and completely stop before entering the intersection based on when I observed the light change to Amber. My vehicle was travelling 49km/h and my vehicle entered the intersection 0.2 seconds after the signal changed to Red. According to the Offence Notice, the signal was Amber for a period of 3.3 seconds. I was thinking that an early resolution by meeting with the prosecutor would reduce my fine however my main concern is any application of demerit points if I do choose that option

Response:  Charges issued by Red Light Cameras do not carry demerit points or record of conviction.  Once they have been paid, they simply go away.  As there is not much benefit that we can achieve for a client on these cases other than a reduction in fine, we unfortunately do not assist with these cases.