Inquiry:   Unpaid speeding ticket, took 14 months to get a court date to fight it in Gatineau QC. I asked to pay for it immediately after the court case, the judge said, no it would be mailed to me. I missed it in the mail and it automatically went to Registered Mail I forgot to pick up. Then it flagged the SAAQ to suspend my licence. HAD NO IDEA..
Cops pulled me over to say I was under suspension. I was in an area at midnight, no cars, no taxis, no one to call, it was -30 and 32 kms walk home. They had me towed, I cried alot, they took pity and drove me home. The tickets amount to 864.00 The car was suspended for 30 days. I paid the fine and got my license back and rented a car to get to work. Like I said no cabs, no buses, no body. I applied to civil appeal at the added cost of 52.00 and lost. I went to the yard, my car love my car it’s spoiled and worth 30K. I started the engine and it sputtered and stank. I’m so worried it’s getting destroyed sitting there. I have another 16 days before it’s released.  This was my first ticket in my life, I’ve been driving for 36 years. I lost my job, can’t get to work, have to sell tons of my things to pay for the total fines 1097. 00 Plus the added 700.00 for the tow and storage = 1797.00 plus the rental god, don’t ask..
I am now more worried about my car than anything. I also think that after you pay your fine the car should be released. I have a re-instated drivers licence. I can drive any car, therefore I should be able to drive MY car. It’s property theft as far as I’m concerned and in this weather a very bad situation for my beautiful car.
I’m sooooo upset I can barely think straight.

Response:   If you have been charged with driving on a suspended licence, you are likely facing very serious pending penalties at court.  I would recommend contacting one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299 to review your case in more detail.