Inquiry:  About 8-10 years ago, Young and stupid. I got pulled over because my exes car had expired tickets. I did NOT have a Ontario drivers Licence. I have never had one. The police officer gave me about 800 dollars worth of fines.  AT the time, I could not afford the fines. I My ex had paid them off. I found out recently.. he had not. I would like to obtain my beginners. I would like to know a few things.. Where do I pay my fines. Will I have to pay these off before I apply for a beginners. What will interest be like.  HELP! Thanks.

Response:  Unfortunately a number of the questions you are asking are not questions that we can answer as we are not members of the court or the MTO.  However, a good starting place to track down your information will be your local Provincial Offences Court and the MTO.   It is very likely that the outstanding fines will be greater due to accrued interest and a court clerk should be able to provide you with the current amount owing.