Inquiry:  hello im just wondering I know I have 3 fines in London Ontario that’s holding me back from getting my license I had my g1 these fines are 10 years old now one is for driving with a g1 and the 2nd one is for not having a kid in carseat the 3rd one was for having blue turn signals which was on my boyfriends truck I know I have to pay the first 2 but would I be able to fight the 3rd one or is it bin to long??

Response:  Yes.  Given the age of the convictions, there would be very little expectation of having an appeal granted.  The best time to contest a charge is when it is first issued to ensure that any available defenses are argued on your behalf and that an negotiations to reduce the nature of the charge(s) issued can be made.  The longer a conviction is left, the less avenues of recourse will be available and the less likely they will be to succeed.