Inquiry:   I was pulled over in my girlfriends car for an expired sticker. When the officer ran my license he told me that I was under suspension for a $40 ticket I recieved in the summer.  I recently moved and I don’t think the letter ever got to my house.  In addition, When i renewed my sticker in august I paid $450 in 407 and tickets from the previous year and I thought that the ticket in question was apart of this payment.  I have a court date in a month and I’m very nervous as to what the consequences will be.  What should I expect? Do you have any advice to offer??

Response:   A charge of DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION carries very serious penalties including a total payable fine (including the 25% victim fine surcharge) ranging from $1,250.00 to $6,250.00, a mandatory 6 month licence suspension, and up to 6 months jail upon conviction.  Given the serious consequences resulting from a conviction, you may wish to retain legal representation to see whether the charge can be withdrawn or be negotiated to a lesser offence.  Generally a first offence of DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION can be resolved without need for a full trial in minimizing the legal costs involved.   If you would like to discuss your matter in more detail, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.