Inquiry:   I had a Provincial Offences ticket go to collections. I got the letter from the collection agency and paid it the same day. Three days later I got a call from the Agency harassing me about paying it. I told them I paid it on line through their website and an etransfer from my bank and gave them my confirmation number. Yesterday I get another call telling me my licence has been suspended and when am I going to pay it? I trust that they will get this figured out but, in the meantime, my licence has been suspended and my plates need renewing on Monday (just unhappy coincidence).  I need to be able to drive and it’s not my error that is causing all of this. With a letter from the collections agency, will somebody at a Service Ontario desk be able to reverse things and renew my plates? If not, is there anything I can do rather than wait for the agency to do what they need to do?

Response:  By the sounds of the information that you have provided…  You missed the deadline for paying your original fine.  At that time, due to the non-payment of fine, your licence was suspended.  The remaining issues with the collection agency have little to do with the matter and have nothing to do with your licence being originally suspended.  Once the outstanding fine has been paid (there can be some delay when paying through the website), the court will be updated, the court will then notify the MTO that there is no longer an unpaid and overdue fine (again there will be processing delays), and then you will be able to apply for a reinstatement of licence at the MTO (the cost will be around $150.00).  It is important not to drive on a suspended licence as the penalties for doing so include a mandatory 6 month suspension of licence and a total payable fine up to $6,250.00.