Inquiry:   Hello, im emailing becuase im very scared that ive lost my licence for the next 6 months due to a letter from the court house saying i was suspended for driving while under suspension, last march(2013) i was pulled over for an invalid sticker and the cop then stated that i was driving while under suspension for an unpaid ticket, i let the cop know that i was unaware of the suspension and she then gave me a fine for the sticker and a court date, i asked what the court date was for and she explained that i was to just appear in court on that date for driving under suspension, the following day i proceeded to go and pay my unpaid tickets and then waited the 10 days and then paid the licence reinstating fee and the mto gave me my licence back. Its now december 9 2013 an i just recived a letter from the court house saying ive been suspended for 6 months and owe a fine of over $1000 i do belive i got this fine becuase i missed the court date i was not at all called or reached at all to be informed about the court date the only time i got the date was in march when the cop told me, and after paying my fines and getting my licence back the court thing just slipped my mind, is there anything at all i could do that would help my situation in any way possible. Thank you for your time

Response:  drive suspended charge is a serious offence carrying a total-payable fine up to $6,250.00, a mandatory licence suspension of 6 months, and possible imprisonment up to 6 months.  We strongly recommend contacting a legal representative to know your rights and pending penalties whenever being charged by the police.  We are happy to make an initial review of a case without cost.  Such a brief initial review can often times help Defendants such as yourself avoid or mitigate high fines, licence suspensions, and other penalties.  At this point, the best that could be done would be to file an appeal in the hopes of bringing the matter back before the court.  If you would like to discuss your case in more detail, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.