Inquiry:   hi i have a about $4000 in no insurance charges that i have yet to pay i made a couple payments here and there but they were only small amounts im way past my due date by 3 weeks i also some other fines that i have forgot about, what i am wondering is that once i had gotten those charges i had lost my job i recently had got a new one but never told called the court house, i honestly have no way to go and make the payments as to i dont drive and never have the time or money to take the bus because of rent and food what should i do

Response:  If you have passed your payment deadline and have not addressed the issue with the Court, your driver’s licence may currently be suspended for non-payment of fines.  Before a fine has gone to collections, it is possible to file an APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO PAY FINES form to have the payment deadline extended.  At this point, you may wish to speak directly with a Court Clerk to understand where your fines currently stand and what options are available to you.