Inquiry:   I got a red light camera offence notice in the mail stating that I had proceeded through a red light. The picture shows my car at the intersection on the right most (turning) lane while the lights were red. The next picture about 2 seconds later does not have my car. I do remember the intersection and the day as those days I pick my daughter from dance class and I do not go straight at this intersection, but always make a right turn. The same as on this day. (It is not an illegal right turn lane). This was at night and the picture shows my brake lights on and my right turn signal on. I intend to dispute this and would like to know if this can be overruled against me and taken as though I had gone straight.

Response:  Whether turning or going straight through at an intersection, a vehicle must come to a full and complete stop.  Red light camera charges do not result in a conviction being registered against the vehicle owner’s driver’s licence.  Once the fine has been paid, they simply go away.  As such, the cost of hiring legal representation is generally greater than the benefit of the legal representation.