Inquiry:  hi, i got fine $2500/- plus tax for having no car insurance and got one year to pay. but due to some financial issues i couldnot make the payments yet. my due date is on dec-20-2013. is there any chance i can get extension for six months. i will be able to make payment next year. can you find some solution.i live in brampton.

Response:  It is important with fines owed to the Court to not ignore them.  If your payment deadline passes and the fine has not been paid, your driver’s licence will be suspended by the MTO.   Being stopped for driving with a suspended driver’s licence carries a mandatory 6 month driver’s licence suspension, possible jail time, and a total payable fine up to a maximum of $6,250.00 upon conviction.  You may attend your local Provincial Offences Courthouse and file an Application For Extension Of Time To Pay Fine form.  It is a very simple form to fill out and file.  It is generally a good idea once a fine has been issued to make (even small) regular payments to show good faith in addressing the outstanding fine.

Greg Currie
Branch Manager (London)