Inquiry:   In 2010 i was issued a fine for no insurance ($7600). at the time i was unable to make any payments to the fine; as i was a stay at home mom. My license is currently suspended for the none patent of the fine. i have recent moved to outside of Ontario for employment and am in the position i can make large ($500-600) payments towards the fine. My license expires in 2014.  How do i go about paying the fine in my current province? And requesting a re-enstatement of my license prior to my license expiring? it is my hope to have my license transferred to a local license and fine paid asap.

Response:  You may wish to speak to a Court Clerk from the city where the charge originated from to see what options are available to you.  One of the unfortunate situations I commonly see are Defendants who let a payment deadline expire and then have their licence suspended for non-payment of the fine.  Generally, a simple one-page application form can be filled out at Court to ask for an extension of time to pay the fine.  So long as the Defendant has been making some regular effort to pay their fine, the application is generally approved.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)