Inquiry: I borrowed my neighbors car the other day, little do they know I only have learners permit. I realize it was wrong but I needed to do it. Anyway, with my luck there was a random check stop because it was long weekend. I got a ticket, and it’s been paid. My question is, will my neighbors insurance be affected as I did have to show registration, and will they be notified?  Thanks for the help.

Response:  It is possible that the police could come back to charge the vehicle owner with permitting an unauthorized driver to operate the vehicle.  It is also very likely that the charge issued to you will result in the MTO (not the court), applying a suspension against your licence.  Generally, it is best to seek legal assistance before making the decision to plead guilty to a charge or not to understand the issues and penalties involved, as well as the various resolutions available at court.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)