Inquiry: I was charged for driving under suspension. It arose when I was driving my sister’s vehicle, speeding, 104 kms in a 90 zone.  My sister agreed to pay the fine but forgot. So, I drove under suspension without knowing. I have a signed letter from my sister, admitting the error.  I received three charges because I wasn’t carrying my wallet. Driving under suspension, fail to surrender suspended license, and failure to produce valid insurance card.  I went to court and they were willing to accept my guilty plea of driving suspended with a $300 fine. I was hesitant because I’m unemployed and was concerned about insurance rate increase.  So the court offered to send me the case disclosure and set the trial for tomorrow. But I never received the disclosure! So, what do I do? Should I plead innocent and defend myself?  Plead guilty with an explanation?  Please help!  Thanks.

Response:  You may wish to have the matter adjourned to provide you time to hire a legal representative.  A conviction of DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION carries a mandatory 6 month suspension of licence.  If you proceed to trial, the Crown Prosecutor will likely argue that you were aware of the conviction due to having been mailed a Notice Of Suspension from the MTO.  If you would like to speak with one of our staff in more detail about your case, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)