Inquiry:  I have read the questions other people have submitted, and your answers to these questions… regretfully, I gather there are no programs to help people like me, get back on track with un-paid fines. my question then, is, how would a person go about creating such a program, because I’m sure I’m not the only overwhelmed jackass that has made mistakes, and is now needing his license to be a successful member of society!!!

Response:  The best advice is to always deal with the size of fine and duration to pay the fine at court when the charge has been issued.  After that, the next best means is to apply for an extension of time to pay the fine as the deadline for final payment approaches.  Even beyond the payment deadline expiring, you could still file an application for an extension of time to pay the fine; however, the longer the fine remains unpaid and if you’ve made no serious attempts to pay the fine…the lower your chances will be of convincing a Justice Of The Peace that you should be granted an extension on the fine payment.  Beyond that, changes to the court system would likely have to be addressed with the Canadian Department of Justice or the Minister of Justice.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)