Inquiry:   I have 700 $ in unpaid tickets and my licence has been suspended for 2 yrs because of it but now I cant afford to pay it in full and need my licence to get back and forth to the Toronto area from Kitchener Ontario I talked to a lady from the court a year ago and she said there is a way that if I just pay half at least and insure them I am going to pay off the rest that there is a way to appeal for my licence for work well I got asked to be the d.d of the crew and I need it asap!!!! but I cant afford to pay it all… is this true and if so how long would it take???

Response:  You may still be able to file an application for an extension to pay the outstanding fines.  You will need to speak with a court clerk to see what options remain available to you.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)