Inquiry: My husband was riding his bicycle today on a 2 lane highway in the cycle lane. A dumptruck was waiting on a side driveway waiting to cross the lanes and turn onto the highway. He didn’t see my husband coming down the hill and turned his dumptruck onto the highway turning left directly infront of him and he hit my husband, throwing him off his bike onto the highway. My husbands bike is a write off and he had many minor injuries. The paramedics checked him out and they waited for the OPP. After much nothing the opp gave them both a written report but nothing seemed to happen. We left with my husband injured and a bike written off. What now? Seems like the truck driver left with no reprucutions and we left with 1/2 day missed work, injuries and no bike!!!! Seems unfair. Shouldn’t this guy have gotten a ticket at least for failure to give right of way?

Results:  Unfortunately we are unable to assist you in this matter as no charges have been issued to you.  We are a paralegal company focused on the defense of Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act charges.  I can however mention that some times drivers are charged at roadside where a collision has taken place, and some times drivers are charged after the collision on a later date.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)