Inquiry:   I received a red light camera ticket in May 2013. On Aug 12, 2013 I met public prosecutor and judge to reduce the fine. Honourable Judge reduced my fine and granted 60 days to pay the fine. I was under impression that It’s due approx on Oct 12, 2013. I didn’t check the Notice of fine and due date thoroughly. On Sept 28, I tried paying this fine online and noticed that due date on notice of fine wass Sep 11, 2013 instead of Oct. Though judge gave me 60 days to pay the fine, someone entered the wrong due date in the system. Notice states that if I fail to pay the fine by due date, It would be reported to credit bureau. I am already 17 days past due date. Moreover, I am in process of buying a house and afraid that this might ruin my credit and mortgage application. I am going to pay fine in person tomorrow but what recourse I may have to save my credit at stake due to mistake of someone else. Should I appear before judge again? Would it help?

Response:  You may want to speak with a Court Clerk about pulling the audio tape of the hearing and making any necessary corrections.

Greg CurrieOffice Manager (London)