Inquiry: I got a ticket in north bay I live in Collingwood Ontario I have no way to travel that far it’s been a while I’ve been up there to court and got charged but now I have no way there and I want to know how to get my ticket paid and unsuspend my licence

Response:  Your inquiry is a little unclear on a few specifics, hopefully the following will answer your question.  When a charge is issued, if the ticket is not filed with the court to contest it, the matter will go to a ‘non-response’ conviction after 45 days.  After conviction, the Court will allocate a period of time for the fine to be paid which could be as short as a week or two.  If the fine is not paid, then the defendant’s drivers licence is suspended for the unpaid fine.  Most courts have various payment options including mail or payment by Internet.  These payment options are generally listed on the ticket, Notice Of Fine And Due Date letter, or by calling the court.  If your licence has been suspended, you will have to wait approximately one week after paying the outstanding fine before you will be able to apply for a reinstatement of licence from the MTO.

Best wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)