Inquiry: I got a red light camera ticket for $325 and I am the owner of the vehicle but i was not driving the vehicle as my friend had borrowed my vehicle and it was in another city in Ontario from the one my license is registered under. I have got a trial date and I am not sure what is the best way to go about this ticket. My question would be

1) Will it affect my insurance if I win, lose or plead guilty for a lesser charge?

2) Is there any defense i can give as my friend is not coperating as he belives he dint commit the offense and is out of town. Will i need his details?

3) What is my best bet and what do you recommend?

My court date is on Monday please respond ASAP thank you, much appreciated

Response:  If the charge was issued from a camera and not from an Officer, then the charge will not go onto your driving history if you are convicted or simply pay the fine.  The letter you originally received would likely have included photos of the vehicle going through the intersection that you may wish to share with your friend in resolving whether or not they went through the red light.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer you any direction or advice on your case without having reviewed the Prosecutor’s evidence.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)