Inquiry:   My husband found a letter that is about 15 years old, and it states that there is a warrant out for him in the province of Quebec. Can he just pay all the traffic ticket fines, and take care of the matter. He is not so much concerned about getting licensee back, as to just clearing his name and “making things right”

Response:  Having a warrant out for his arrest may mean that he has missed a court appearance related to a serious offence, sometimes a warrant could be paid for outstanding fines.  He may wish to retain legal representation to act on his behalf in addressing the problems.  Without more detailed information, it is impossible to provide any feedback other that he needs to deal with his legal matters before they progress to cause more problems for him.  If you would like to discuss the matter in more detail, gather as much information as you can and have him speak with one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)