Inquiry:  I just received in the mail a notice of license suspension for a 30$ speeding ticket. I must have forgotten to pay it, but suspending my license and making me pay another 200$ seem excessive. Should I have first gotten a letter saying a payment from me was never received?

Response:  If a fine is unpaid by it’s due date, then the MTO will be notified by the court and the licence will then be suspended by the MTO.  You would have been served an offence notice by the original Police Officer at roadside with the relevant information written on it.  Approximately 45 days later, if you had not followed the instructions on your ticket, the Court would have had your matter brought before a Justice of the Peace for a non-response hearing.  You would have been convicted at that hearing for having not responded back to the court, and a given period of time would have been set for you to pay your fine.  The court would have sent out a Notice Of Fine And Due Date to the address listed on your ticket informing you of such.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your offence and having not responded back to the court as per the instructions on your ticket.  It is very important that you do not drive until your licence has been reinstated.  If you are stopped and charged with DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION, you will face a total-payable fine up to $6,250.00, a mandatory 6 month licence suspension, and possible jail time.

Sincerely,Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)