Inquiry:   i was pulled over in london in 05 and had my insurance papers with me but  had missed a payment the officer that pulled me over actually called my  insurance company and they told her it had expired at midnight the previous  day. i had to go to court and was given a min mandatory fine of 5000.00. i  left ontario and moved to another province where i had no issues getting my  full license but i want to move back to ontario and im wondering if there  is a way to have the fine reduced……considering the judge told me it was a min mandatory and yet gave the lady behind me 1000 for the same offence

Response:  The size of fine can generally be argued and is an important reason to seek out professional legal assistance in matters were there are substantially large penalties pending.  To my knowledge, fines never disappear and will simply continue to accrue interest and cause a suspension of driver’s licence.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)