Inquiry:  i basically rolled into a car, we exchanged info even the guy said there  was no damage to my surprise a day later he went to the police place in  Cambridge and made a report there was no damage to anyones car, then a few months later we get a letter from our insurance he has neck problems?? nothing has ever come of this, he had a lawyer apparently but the lawyer has since quit, my guess is yes they realize he is trying to fraud the insurance co, as well we asked for our doctor to evaluate his injury and nothing has come of it other than they have it now as at fault even though no claims have been made and this is creating a situation where I cannot afford insurance and its apparently on my record for six years, that is wrong, so we now think we should get a lawyer and go after him for stress  and other physical issues that this has caused in this whole situation

Response:  We are a paralegal company that defends HTA and CAIA offences at Court.  You will need to speak with a lawyer that deals with civil litigation.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)