Inquiry:  I have recently been bombarded with calls from a collection agency saying I  owe money for an old fine that went unpaid. Unfortunately, as I think back,  I received a fine in 2004, paid half of it, and forgot about the remainder.  However, I never received a notice or phone call to that I still owe money.

Since 2004, I have renewed my Ontario license at least twice. I bought a  vehicle and insured it. I bought a trailer and insured it. And I moved to another province and got a license there as well.

Now I am being told my license in  Ontario was suspended, I am not even sure since when. However, how was I  able to keep renewing my license and insure vehicles if my license was  suspended? Why in 2012 is this old fine from 2004 suddenly in collections  and they have been able to track me down, yet for the 6 years until I  moved, I drove, renewed and insured vehicles with no trouble whatsoever. No  one in the licensing office informed me I had a traffic offence that had  not been paid.

I am moving back to Ontario soon, and I am worried I will  have to reapply as a new driver, plus pay the collection agency. This all  seems so wrong. If I had a suspended license it should have happened in 2004 and I should not have been able to renew.

Any advice?

Response:  Ultimately the driver is responsible for the payment of their fines.  You were aware of the fines in 2004 and that there was a remainder owing to the Court.  By now the total payable amount will almost certainly be significantly higher than the original amount, and your licence will be suspended for the unpaid fine.  After the fine has been paid, you will need to contact the MTO to see what their current policy is, given your situation, on either reinstating your licence or applying for a new one.  You will want to ensure that you do not drive with a suspended licence.  Being charged with DRIVE UNDER SUSPENSION carries a total payable fine up to a maximum of $6,250.00, a mandatory further 6 month suspension of licence, and up to 6 months jail.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)