Inquiry:  Hi I got a speeding ticket way back in 2009, and out of my own stupidity  neglected to pay it. I ended up moving to a new province and found out there that my  Ontario license had been suspended since March of 2010. But I now live outside Ontario, and would like to be able to get my local drivers license. But  from what I’ve been told I cant do that until I deal with my old Ontario  license first. And I have no idea how I would go about doing that,  considering I live way out in another province, and have no idea where the actual ticket is. And I no longer have my old Ontario license on me either.

Response:  You can call the Provincial Offences Court in the city in which you originally got the ticket at provide them with your full name and date of birth.  They will be able to locate your driver’s licence number and let you know how much your fine is.

Greg Currie
Office Manger (London)