Inquiry: Hi, the other day i ran a red light at night and I remember there was 3 flashes of light. I thought for sure I would’ve been caught by the red  light cameras, but through further investigation, I could not find any red  light cameras on the street I was driving on.  Also, if I pay this fine or go to courts with it, will my insurance company find out? The situation is that I was driving my parent’s car, and the car should not be driven on the roads. What will happen?

Response:  Your inquiry is a little unclear.  If you have received a camera-based red light charge, the paperwork will likely include pictures of the vehicle and there would therefore clearly have been cameras at the intersection to take the photos.  These charges do not carry demerit points and simply go away once paid.  If you have not received paperwork regarding not stopping for a red light, then there is no issue.  If the vehicle is not supposed to be on the road for legal reasons, you could face much more severe penalties if stopped while driving it.  For example, driving an uninsured vehicle carries a total payable fine between $6,250.00 to $31,250.00 for a first offence.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)