Inquiry:  Today i was driving down queensway and the driver suddenly slammed on his  brakes because he was close to the car in front. I wouldn’t of had time to  break fully so I slowed down as much as possible and moved into the next  lane. In the matter of a second as I was crossing the intersection of  queensway and haines road in mississauga I noticed the light red but I  wasn’t able to stop. My car being a small car and a big van infront of me i  wasn’t able to see the light and focused on not causing any accidents. I am  not sure if there is a red light camera in the intersection on not. I can’t  stop thinking about it.

Response:   If you were registered as having run a red light by a camera, then you will receive a notification by mail.  Red Light camera charges do not go onto your driving history or carry demerit points.   Once the fine has been paid, they simply go away.  Hopefully this will ease your mind on the matter.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)