Inquiry:  Hi. I was a stupid teenager once and got busted with no insurance on a g1.  My license has since been suspended for many years due to non payment. I only make 20k a ywar and live on my own so its next to impossible to pay a fine that is at almost 7 grand because of interest. Ive grown up now and really need to get my license back, understanding I will have to start the graduating licensing again. Is there anything I can do to release the suspension and/or reduce the fine? Please help.

Response:  Given the age of the the fines, there is likely not much that could be done.  You could speak with a Court Clerk to see if your outstanding fines are applicable for an application of an extension of time to pay fines.  However, at this point that is likely not possible.  Another option would be to seek out a loan to pay the fines off and then see what must be done to have your licence reinstated with the MTO.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)