Inquiry:  I was driving down the road when I started getting chest pains and felt unsafe to drive. I wanted to get of the road asap, I noticed a gas station to my left. I was in the middle lane coming towards a intersection where the light just turned red. There was space still to make a left turn but it was on top of the solid white line. I proceeded to the left turning lane with signal and checking blind spot no cars where near me. I then noticed in my rear view mirror a car come behind me from no where. The lights turned green I made my left turn towards the gas station then police lights come on and he pulled me over giving me a unsafe lane change ticket. Is there anything I can do to drop this I felt like I was going to pass out and did not want to continue driving. I also have witness in the car who can say they heard me say I was not feeling good and was going to pull over.

Response:  We could certainly get a release of evidence from the Prosecutor’s Office for review to see if there is an argument to have the charge withdrawn or dismissed.  If not, we could examine if there are any lesser offences that would be worth arguing to have the charge amended down to.  If you

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)