Inquiry:  This is my son driving record that I got recently. I am not sure what is the current fine he got from this infraction. My question is can he be able to reduce his fine? I gave him a car when we move to another province back then he forgot to to re-register the car during his initial infraction, he said he tried to use the car for work while continuing to get enough money to use for registration. Unfortunately he was caught again and given the following infraction noted to appear on court. He went without knowing what to expect and not asking for help for us or even to a lawyer. He was told to pay the fine but due to his low income (basic salary job) he did not able to pay the fine and when we ask him to move here and help him to find a decent job and help him stand on his own feet. The car was finally taken over by my daughter so he can take responsibility of paying the car plate registration, unfortunately after few weeks my daughter has been involved in a car accident and the car finally on totally unrepairable on assessment by Car Insurance company.

Would you be able to help us on reducing the amount of penalty so we can be able to help him pay off the fine?  He need to get his own driving license, so he can start a new life on his own. Thank you for your assistance.

Response:  Unfortunately once a charge has gone to a conviction, your options become more limited.  Your son would have to speak to a local legal representative to see what his options currently are.  It is advisable to seek out legal advice once a charge has been issued to know what your are facing for penalties and what your options and rights are.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)