Inquiry:  I found out my license has been suspended and cancelled for 4-1/2 years when I went for a renewal. The suspension date was June 21, 2008 and I paid the fine via internet on July 03, 2008. I called MOT and they said they sent me a letter. I do not recall getting a letter to inform me of my suspension and the additional $150 administration fee. Is there anyway I can get the cancellation and suspension of my record and avoid starting from scratch to get my drivers license back?

Response:  From what you’ve written, it appears that you had an unpaid fine that caused a suspension of your licence.   After your licence had been suspended for the unpaid fine, you paid the outstanding amount to the court.  You would then have had to go to the MTO to reinstate your licence.  The suspension is for the unpaid fine which you appear to have been aware of as being due to the court.  There is likely nothing that we could do to alter this for you.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)