Inquiry:  my husband got a speeding ticket the morning after we were engaged in March. We were married in Oct 1999 and I paid his speeding ticket in Nov or Dec 1999 when we received a notice in the mail that it was unpaid.  Yesterday we received a letter that his drivers license may be suspended for his unpaid fine. I keep all of my financial paper work for seven years, so I do not have my banking info from 13 yes ago to prove that I did pay it. I contacted my bank and they said they only keep their records for 7 years also. My husband has always kept his license up to date and also the sticker for our car. Should he not have been made aware of this before now if it was still owing?

Response:  The first place to start would be with the court to see if you can resolve the item and make sure that there was only one charge.  If the licence goes to a suspension for unpaid fines, the reinstatement cost would be $150.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)