Inquiry:   Hi, when I was a young teen, i got hit by a car crossing the highway with an ATV. When I woke up from my comma, the cops had given me a pile of fines for no insurance, no license, no helmet, etc. Along with a few foolish teenage fines, i have a total of $17000 of fines. Now i have a family, and would need my license. Is there a way to make payment arrangements and get my licence back now?  I live in Hearst Ontario

Response:  You could speak with a local Court Clerk to see if you are able to file an Application For Extension Of Time To Pay Fines.  If you are able to and if the application is granted, then you may start the process of getting your licence back after that.  If not, then getting a loan to pay the fines may be another option to consider.

Best of wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)