Inquiry:  I was stopped on my electric scooter today, and was given a ticket for not wearing a helmet. I had the helmet on my lap, but not on my head. To be honest it was cold out and I was wearing my hoods. However the address the policeman wrote was a very very old address of mine and is from a different city then the one I was in. He even asked me if I ever used to live in St. Catharines (the offence was in Niagara Falls). I told him that it was a very old address, and I told him where I currently live. He never asked me to produce any identification. He then wrote the ticket with the old address from a different city. Does this make any kind of a difference?

Response:  Driver’s of electric scooters are required to wear a helmet under current Ontario law.  The address error should not have any impact on the charge.  If the charge is identified to you by driver’s licence number or name and date of birth, then the address would come into play if the court is mailing you documents if you have not corrected it.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)