Inquiry:   i was in an at fault accident in sept,just 9 days after my insurance expired.there was no damage to both cars and i asked the other driver to settle out court. traffic cop came and the guy said he was fine, he would check with his dr the next day.Myself and my 2 year old daughter we were also fine. A day later I checked in with him to see how he was doing and he informed me after the accident he went to the police reporting center and went to see his Dr the next day. I don’t have the report from the police ,but he also contacted his lawyer because his Dr was not sure what was going to happen in the long make a very long story short I received a letter from his lawyer on friday Nov 9 asking me for my insurance infomation. they are looking for liability and I don’t have insurance at this time and the car is parked. my question to you is what am I looking at in terms of driving without insurance and all the liability staff. there was no ticket issued. I am just so scared I am expecting my 2nd baby in feb and this has been very stressful. Since he said he went to the [police reporting center i have not heard anything from the police…does that mean I have a warrant for arrest(driving without insurance charges) Thank you for any advice you give. I will be calling you on monday as well.I have to present this letter to a lawyer /insurance company within 7 days of receiving it.

Response:  Unfortunately we can only advise you in regards to charges that have been or will be laid, and not in regards to any civil lawsuits.  The police may come back and issue you a charge of OPERATE MOTOR VEHICLE – NO INSURANCE.  If this is your first offence, the total-payable fine will range from $6,250.00 to $31,250.00 and the court may issue a licence suspension of up to one year.  If the police issue you a summons for driving without insurance, I would recommend contacting our staff as soon as possible via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)