Inquiry:  A couple of weeks ago I was given a “loaner” vehicle while my car was in the shop. Yesterday the shop owner called and said that he received a ticket in the mail from a red light camera. I had no knowledge originally, but remembered the day I was in the area. I know the intersection, but do not remember running th light. The only thing I know is that it was extremely wet (raining) that day and perhaps I chose to maintain my speed rather than risk skidding on the wet pavement. (I had my 2 year old son in the back seat) Is this a resonable defense?

I also talked to someone and they said that both they and aobut 4 others in her office had gotten tickets form that same light. Is it possible that the yellow light is shorter on that intersection as well? If so, would that be a defense as well?

Response:  Unfortunately we do not deal with Red Light charges that are issued by camera.  These charges do not carry demerit points or go onto a driver’s history with the MTO.  Once they are paid they simply go away.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)