Inquiry:   Today morning when i checked my mail box i come to know that i got ticket  for failing to stop at red light.I was caught by Red light camera system.  Will you please guide me what i should do for this? because problem is that i am not working since July 2012 and i don’t have enough money. i got my licence in Sept 2012 and same time i bought my car too. Before that i was doing study at Sheridan collage.For better job i moved to Creemore village,  it’s close to Berrie. Does it increase Car insurance too? and what about Demerit Point? I am living in Creemore and I was caught at Brampton. I am very new driver in Canada. Please help me.

Response:  If the charge was issued based on a red light camera, then the charge will not carry demerit points and will not go onto your driving history once paid.  If you will be unable to pay the original fine, you could ask the court to lower the fine.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)