Inquiry:  I was snapped by a red light camera turning right at a intersection in Scarborough. In my car which is under my dads name. I have signed a form with the insurance company saying i will not drive any of the cars. I was wondering if I plead guilty will the insurance find out or if they would find out if I goto trial and plead guilty and get reduced fine. I am mostly concerned about the trial part as I am planning to fight it. If I lose or get a reduced fine will our insurance company find out.

Response:  If the red light charge was issued via a red light camera, then the charge will not show on your driving history.  The charge is against the owner of the vehicle, not the driver, as identity of the the driver was not validated at the time of offence.  Once the fine has been paid the charge should, to my knowledge, simply go away.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)