Inquiry:  I received a parking ticket for the amount of $74.15 issued by a private company named “Imperial Parking Canada Corporation”

The particulars on the ticket says: “Restricted lot. Parked an left property”. This happened on a Tim Horton parking on Keele St. Toronto. The signs indicate that parking is allowed for customers only, with two hours stay limit. I was a Tim Horton customer and within the 2 hours I made another transaction with my credit card to a different location. At Tim Horton I paid cash, no electronic transaction was recorded on my credit/debit cards. However, the parking ticked wrongly indicates that my car is a Suzuki. And it is not. But the license plate is correct.

The ticked does not indicate any procedure to complain or appeal it. It only says that:

1) if I pay within 7 days the amount will be discounted to $42.61
2) if I do not pay within 30 days it will be forwarded to a debt collection agency; they might tow my vehicle from any property managed by them and/or take legal action.

It is my first ticket ever issued by a private company and do not really know how to deal with it. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Response:  Unfortunately we do not deal with parking tickets.  The best advice would be to contact the company directly with your position on the matter to see if they are willing to drop the matter.  Barring that they should be able to provide you with information on resolving the dispute.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)