Inquiry:  Hi, I was a student in Toronto and had a G2 license during my time at university which expired in April 2012. I collected numerous tickets which are still unpaid as my financial position and could not afford to pay that.  The amount of the unpaid parking tickets with interest accumulated to $1,100 for which I asked for an extension which was granted till end Dec 2011. In addition i also had a fine for talking over the phone on a red light and a fine for expired license plates. i would now like to clear up my dues and get my license reinstated which has been suspended for a year now.Since last one year I am living abroad. i would appreciate if you could guide me through this process and if I can get some relief as there is a significant portion of interest built in the fines. Thanks

Response:  You will need to contact the Court to determine how much you have in outstanding fines.  Once you have paid the outstanding amount, approximately one week later you will be able to to go to the MTO for a reinstatement of your licence assuming that you have no other grounds for the licence to be suspended.

Greg Currie
Office Manger (London)